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I hope our readers have enjoyed our reports on Italian racing over the last two and a half years. We certainly enjoyed bringing you all the latest news to the best of our ability. Unfortunately it takes quiet a bit of time to do so and we have been unable to acquire the sponsorship or advertising that is necessary to continue the service.

I hope some media organisation such as the Racing Post, The Irish Field, Equos or someone else will step up to the plate and provide news on Italian Racing in the English language. Italian racing certainly deserves it as do the many breeders who sell their horses into such an important market. Unfortunately this has not happened for many years in an “Anglocentric” industry which lets be honest┬áhardly covers Europe’s richest and now most important racing well except on Arc weekend.

Its interesting that as British and Irish racing appear to be in decline and almost totally dependant on a few powerful owners Italy is staging what is hopefully the beginning of a sustained recovery in both “Galoppo” and “Ostacoli”.

Breeders if they need information can continue to write to us in the short term at least on italianhorseracing@gmail.com
We will do our best to help with the information you need.
We will continue as well with the odd twitter tweet.

I would like to thank Allie Kennedy for all of her brilliant work putting up the articles twice every week and having infinite patience with myself.

Once again thank you for your support.

Billy Foley

VIDEO 1: Nearco the Daddy of them all

VIDEO 2: Ribot greatest of them all



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