Caprioli leaving the De Montel stable allowed Camici to be stable jockey at one of Italy’s top three training establishments at the ripe old age of nineteen.Already runner up in the jockeys title race it appeared nothing could stop the young Tuscan from a glorious future.However dark clouds were blowing over the peninsula.The fascist dictator Benito Mussolini had risen to power in 1922 and effectively proclaimed himself dictator in 1925.Initially Mussolini hadn’t appeared anti semitic but with Hitler’s ascent to power in Germany in 1933 ”Il Duce” alligned himself ever more closely to the Nazi regime and its horrific racial policies.

Giuseppe De Montel was Jewish.Throughout the 1930’s the stable slowly declined from the high of Ortello’s victory in the Prix de L’arc to the low of De Montel selling almost everything and fleeing in 1938.The great stables in the centre of Milan he gave to a Catholic charity.The man who had done so much to make Italian racing a World leader had to abandon his country just to survive.De Montel’s Sister Alice managed to keep some of the horses and in a wonderful twist,  Camici would win his first Derby Italiano on the De Montel bred Orsenigo in 1943 as Mussolini’s fascist regime crumbled.Il Duce was arrested and overthrown within a month.As all this was unfolding Orsenigo with Camici won the Gran Premio Di Milano with Tenerani’s (Ribot’s sire)half sister Tokamura second.

Alice could not keep the show going however and sold the horses that remained to her good friend Bianca Verga and her husband Egidio wealthy footwear industrialists.Razza Ticino was born and in time became a massive success but that’s a story for another day.With De Montel’s decline Italian racing was dominated by two powerful forces the genius that was Federico Tesio whose wonderful breeding skills were now apparent in all their glory and the Razza Del Soldo with Tesio’s former jockey Federico Regoli as trainer and his mentor Paolo Caprioli as jockey.In 1931 Regoli had given up his losing battle keeping his weight in check and left the wizard of Dormello to begin his training career.Since then Pietro Gubbellini was stable jockey at Dormello riding some of the finest horses in history Niccolo Dell ‘Arca,Bellini,Donatello and of course Nearco.Tragically in 1946 at  Capannelle Gubbellini had a horrfic fall from which he died a few days later as a doctor missed a rib imbedded in a lung.

Tesio now turned to the former stable jockey of his old rival De Montel and arguably over the next two decades Camici enjoyed more success than any jockey in history.Il Caporalino  was thirty four, at the peak of his powers with enormous experience and the wizard of Dormello’s massive breeding experiment was coming to its absolute zenith.

The match was made in heaven and Dormello and Camici enjoyed unheard of success.From 1947 to 1965 The Tuscan jockey would ride the winners of the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe three times,The Derby Italiano on four occasions,the Gran Premio di Milano seven times,the Gran Premio D’Italia seven the Gran premio del Jockey club,The King George vi and Queen Elisabeth stakes(or equivalent) twice,The Ascot Gold cup,The Champion Stakes,The Goodwood Cup,all of the Italian classics the list goes on.Camici and Dormello’s story begins with Tenerani a beautifully bred son of Bellini,a magnificent racehorse winner of the Derby,St Leger and Gran Premio del Jockey Club.Because of the war he could not race in the Arc or Grand Prix de Paris but he easily defeated everything in Germany in the so called Axis Arc.Tenerani’s dam was Tofanella by Apelle a hugely important mare who also produced the great mare Tokamura winner of the St Leger and Regina Elena and in 1945 produced another great racemare Trevisana who would start odds on in the 1948 Prix de L’Arc.Tenerani despite all this was a plain sort but in part three we will see that mattered little.

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